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Play Ball

Play Ball1280 × 853

We were warming up for wallyball in the old abandoned raquetball court.

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Anonymooooose ( – 05.28.04 12:38:42
What's wallyball?
Tom 7 ( – 05.28.04 14:15:50
Wallyball comes from "volleyball" and "wall," I think, and it's played in an enclosed space like this with a volleyball net. You're allowed to hit it off the walls.
Stef. ( – 01.08.07 10:35:02
i absolutely love this image. so ghostly
Anonymous ( – 02.13.07 08:45:22
Just proves that when the tunes are played, ghosts love busting those shapes...
Alex O from art history ( – 09.30.07 15:52:37
Love this, Tom: have you seen the work of Georges Rousse? (Given that you're mathy you might be interested in his process.) xo. a.
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