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Acoustic Side

Acoustic Side1280 × 853

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Anonymous ( – 09.02.04 00:48:07
its really pritty.
wzrocks ( – 05.15.05 00:34:35
awesome abstract pic. what do you shoot with? really cool pic. keep up the good work ( – 11.21.05 04:39:52
Hi. Interested in borrowing this pic in 640x480 resolution as a background for a community television spot advertising a free open mic at the Stony Creek Puppet House Theatre. Please check us out. Thanks
Tom 7 ( – 11.21.05 08:39:28
Sure, go for it. If you want it at a 640x480 aspect ratio, I recommend adding black space at the top and bottom instead of cropping it.
Anonymous ( – 05.17.06 11:37:09
Anonymous ( – 06.09.06 10:41:56
i love your pics! :) you have great vision! keep it up!
Anonymous ( – 09.05.06 03:22:40
hey Tom, i really love this photo... i used it for a friend`s flyer and i hope you don`t mind? i`ll be checking back and PLEASE reply if you don`t want me to use it.. but i would be more than happy if you let me. THANKS A BUNCH!
Tom 7 ( – 09.05.06 08:38:35
Sure, go ahead!
Anonymous ( – 09.08.06 00:21:49
thanks!! ├╝
Anonymous ( – 09.20.06 01:45:56
hey Tom, you've got talent with that camera. Do you have anymore music instrument pics? That would be awesome. I'm putting something together for a friend of mine relating to country music. Is it possible to use both of those guitar pics. I'll show you the finish product when I'm done. thanks
Tom 7 ( – 09.26.06 09:12:30
Go ahead and use the pictures, but I think all of my instrument pictures are on this site already.
Anonymous ( – 10.22.06 22:16:15
tom these are great - i always use your pics as my myspace backrounds - hope you dont mind! this is it if you would like to see it -
Anonymous ( – 06.09.08 05:27:49
Hey Tom it's me again, permission for using this pictures for my guitar blog background. If you don't mind. it's very Classy. Guitarquest. Thx B4
Tom 7 ( – 06.10.08 08:42:50
Sure, anybody can use this picture but please copy it to your own server rather than link to it directly on my server. I may need to disable such cross-site inclusions soon because I'm paying for bandwidth now.
Anonymous ( – 06.14.10 22:15:58
Beautiful! Can I use this for a website I'm making for a singer?
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