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Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar1280 × 1024

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Alex Malmborg ( – 02.11.04 04:23:31
Hi, my name is alex malmborg and i live in sweden, i work on a company called music centre in lund thet is located in sweden. One day when i was looking after pictures to put on the website, then i saw your photo. I think that your photo is fantastic and i must ask you if i can use this on their website. Please e-mail me at : and say if a can or can't use this photo on their website.
//Alex Malmborg
Tom 7 ( – 02.29.04 23:56:42
Sure, you can use it on your page!
Anonymous ( – 03.28.04 03:06:23
meh meh
Bullya ( – 03.28.04 03:06:50
what is "meh"?
Tom 7 ( – 04.01.04 20:41:19
Don't ask me! ( – 05.13.04 15:09:03
Excellent Picture, I really like it
j ( – 07.05.04 18:20:37
awesome may i use it on my site?
Tom 7 ( – 07.05.04 19:11:53
Sure, anybody can use this image -- just download it to your own server instead of linking to this one.
rodrigo de argentina ( – 07.23.04 19:53:53
is just perfect...
Anonymous sorry cant tell you ( – 02.16.05 10:37:04
i love your picture do you play the acoustic yourself.I came across it when searching in google! It looks so elegant and stylish with a great angle.
Anonymous sorry cant tell you is here... ( – 02.24.05 13:01:18
kl i only just passed my grade two so im not all that good
Rodrigoer ( – 03.06.05 14:53:42
Is a Fender Guitar no?
Tom 7 ( – 03.08.05 18:11:37
Yup, a Fender MA1 (I think), a mini acoustic.
Anonymous ( – 03.14.05 17:51:01
yeah makes me wish that i played boyfriend and best friends do and it just is the hottest thing ever
Max ( – 03.18.05 12:46:54
Hey Tom,

I love the photograph, you're amazingly talented! I was wondering if it would be okay if I used a small copy of it on a website I am designing. It is for a solo acoustic guitarist and the image would be perfect.

Thank you and good luck!
Tom 7 ( – 03.18.05 21:22:28
Sure, anybody can use this photo on his web site, but it would be better if you download the graphic and send it to your server instead of linking to mine.
me :) ( – 03.26.05 02:37:33
you all smell
rahi ( – 04.07.05 09:14:27
hi im from iran .wish i can put this pic for my orkut account?
Tom 7 ( – 04.07.05 14:33:34
Sure rahi. Actually, anybody can use this picture to make anything he wants! A credit would be nice, but you don't have to.
dgirl ( – 01.13.06 21:32:33
i love this pictureeeeee(L)
Nessa ( – 01.25.06 20:28:21
Hello my name is Vanessa and Im learnin the Guitar at the mom. Im learning for my personal project. My personal project is where we have to create a original or version of something, so im learning the Gutiar to then make a beginners book, can i use your picture for my front cover design? This is a pretend book, but we will be getting it published in a way, to look like a real Guitar book, please reply ASAP
Tom 7 ( – 01.27.06 12:15:18
Sure, anybody can use this picture for projects. A credit would be nice, but you don't have to.
Mary ( – 02.04.06 19:18:10
Anonymous ( – 02.09.06 14:24:52
What a great Photo! i'm not going to ask if I can use it as you have already made it quite clear that you don't mind if it gets used! keep up the good work mate. cheers.
Tom 7 ( – 02.11.06 07:34:02
Thanks on two counts, Anon. ;)
Teloch ( – 02.14.06 18:08:56
This is actually the best photo of a guitar I've ever seen. I never thought the head alone could be so sexy.
Anonymous ( – 04.12.06 11:48:03
i'm going to use it as a background for a menu on my portfolio dvd. i have a menu of music i've made and i was looking for a good guitar picture. this one is perfect! thanks!
Thornbury-Paul ( – 07.19.06 21:06:29
This is a really great image,

My band is recording an acoustic EP this weekend and with your permission we would be honoured if we could use it in one of the sleeves. We'd give you credit for it of course! would this be ok?
Tom 7 ( – 07.24.06 19:01:52
Sure, anybody can use this image, but I guess they'll be sharing it!
Steven ( – 11.20.06 20:31:17
I really love this picture...It would be great if I could use it for my website. Whos name do I show for credit?
Tom 7 ( – 11.29.06 16:47:57
You can credit "Tom 7"!
Jacqui ( – 12.04.06 20:26:21
for something so simple it is so beautiful. i am a bit of a photographer my self and i just love this image. wish i would have thought of it.
Great job tom,
keep em coming
Anonymous ( – 12.06.06 04:08:16
Great job dude!
Ben Williams music ( – 01.08.07 11:12:37
hi, I'm a singer/songwriter, i would love to use this picture. either for leaflets or my myspace or websites. u can contact me on

check out my music at
Tom 7 ( – 01.09.07 13:13:33
Everybody can use this picture, though please download it to your site instead of direct linking.
Joy W ( – 05.12.07 10:16:26
As everybody else, I was writing an article, lack of a good guitar photo, happened to come across yours on google... it's a pretty cool angle that you took from. personally I'm also a shutterbug:-)
I'm learning acoustic guitar as well, found it's pretty hard to minimise the gap from chord to chord...My guitar teacher said the only way is to practise...sigh, I really wish I could have long and nimble fingers...
Tom ( – 05.14.07 23:22:31
My fingers aren't long at all... length is not necessary to play reasonably well, IMO. She's right about practice, though. To improve speed, I suggest playing along to some simple songs (like on CD or MP3) not worrying too much about your finger placement accuracy... but you'll basically never get fast unless you practice fast. ( – 09.30.07 17:40:22
I'm going to use this and the Acoustic Side picture on an album cover for a mix I am making. I already put credit to you and your site on the back. It's an amazing picture, I love the focus of it.
Anonymous ( – 03.03.08 21:28:55
Hey nice Picture, Ive got this same guitar, Unfortunatly the neck is bretty bad off as far as being warped
Anonymous ( – 05.30.08 12:18:02
Anonymous ( – 06.02.08 16:21:34
Hello, could i use it for my webpage? Tanx Martin
Anonymous ( – 06.05.08 19:03:21
hey nice pic!
colora ( – 09.27.08 12:38:09
hermosa foto que transmite hermosos sonidos a mi imaginacion.
diego ( – 12.30.08 11:58:37
hi! thank you for leting us to take this great photo! i'm from argentina, i would like to use it as the front of my demo (a cd that i've recorded alone with my pc :)

thank you very much!
Sharath ( – 09.20.09 12:36:13
Hi Tom chanced upon your site looking for images of acoustic guitars. Hope you wouldn't mind me downloading some your pics. Btw you're quite an amazing photographer. Thanks.
Anonymous ( – 09.22.09 12:37:30
I am working on a website can i please use this image as a background.PLease e mail me at i love this image.
Thank you very much
Anonymous ( – 11.03.09 16:40:50
Anonymous ( – 11.03.09 16:41:27
кто по русски,вы все педики???
alexf133 ( – 07.17.10 02:42:28
Very nice site!
Anonymous ( – 08.06.10 05:57:11
Hi there, is it ok if i use this image on a poster i'm creating? its an awesome pic! Thanks
anonymous ( – 10.06.10 21:55:27
anonymous ( – 10.06.10 22:24:23
Prashansa ( – 10.24.10 13:49:49
hi this is Prashansa from India!
I am using this as my profile picture on fB since I LOVE MUSIC!!! And am an aspiring guitar player! :) I love this photo of the guitar! :)
Anonymous ( – 11.29.10 01:07:18
I saw that you were allowing anyone to use this photo, I just wanted to ask if you would allow me to use it for a school project for a blog. Credited to Tom 7?
BemWesBraibia ( – 01.12.11 13:13:23
Yes, really.
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