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Kroger1280 × 853

I cropped out the grocery store that was the original subject of this photo.

In category Sky.

PHaRaOHMiDNiGHT ( – 01.16.04 02:22:50
a little cropping makes a work of art...haha
this made me put this site on my favorites...

this pic is a dark feel, is it clouds? smoke? a tornado from hell forming somewhere in Kansas?
but the rays of light are comforting with hope...haha, lemme stop
good work ...peace
Tom 7 ( – 01.23.04 16:12:40
Thanks dude!
gra ( – 04.19.04 13:28:53
Great Shit.

I like the contrast between left & right side of the cloud.
chd ( – 04.23.04 14:41:34
U stole this frame from "Encounters of the third kind".))))
Chimee ( – 05.01.04 10:51:01
My favorite in nature are the clouds.. and, man, am I amazed or what??? This picture really kicks hard. How were you able to capture such beauty?
Heather ( – 10.12.05 12:51:56
This is a great picture, I had the opportunity to take a picture with the fingers of light in all directions from the cloud.
Anonymous ( – 10.26.05 23:48:15
but the rays of light are comforting with hope...haha, lemme stop
Anonymous ( – 10.26.05 23:48:39
the people wil like it
Anonymous ( – 10.26.05 23:49:05
i think that is good pslce to livr place
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