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Stinky Leaves

Stinky Leaves1280 × 853

No kidding, these trees smell really bad.

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Chris_Wass ( – 11.03.03 14:26:23
Ginko leaves - I think that they look cool. I miss seeing them now that I live in Arizona (used to live in PA). Supposedly, it is only the "female" trees that smell.
Tom 7 ( – 11.06.03 00:59:28
Yeah, that's what I hear, too. They have some nuts or fruit or whatever that get all over your shoes.
Anonymous ( – 06.03.04 15:42:35
WOW!!When the recess bell rang out kids raced to the coveted BIG SWING which hung from the 'stink bomb tree'. Many wiped out by sliding in the juicy gunky fruits! Thanks for the smile!!
Anonymous ( – 06.07.04 03:09:29
Wow, where ginko grows? USA?..
very beauty lights..
Tom 7 ( – 06.07.04 14:44:06
This is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Anonymous ( – 03.01.08 19:48:40
i love this picture! i love when you can see something clearly and then the backround is blury
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