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Sprout Forth!

Sprout Forth!1280 × 853

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thomas ( – 12.24.04 23:16:36
i understand your fascination with macro, but a lot of the photos have DOF issues that are too distracting. i'm sure it's got to do with your lens; not your skill. i love the compositions, angles, colors, shapes. just work on getting more of the shot in focus, or at least, work on using the out-of-focus areas more to your advantage. i know it's a pain to do what i'm suggesting but really, i wouldn't bother posting some of these photos online because the DOF is just technically incorrect. nothing artistic or interpretive about it, i can tell that you wanted more of it to be in focus. so just try to work on it...
Tom 7 ( – 01.07.05 15:55:15
What do you mean, technically incorrect? How can it be incorrect? This doesn't make sense to me.

It's easy to get a deeper range of focus by using a smaller aperture, but I personally prefer really shallow DOF in a lot of places. I'm sorry if you don't like them as much as me. =(
Mel ( – 01.18.05 21:06:19
I'm diggin your shallow DOF. It pulls your attention to small details, and varies the texture of the photograph. And, I suppose it's a matter of preference, but I like photographs that put some of the artists imagination and perspective into them, better than those that are purely representative.
Tom 7 ( – 01.20.05 18:18:05
Thanks. =)
Anonymous ( – 12.19.06 15:40:49
Hey Tom, a lot of really pretty stuff on your site. I think I'm with thomas on this picture: a few more sprouts in focus would have been cooler. I'm digging the shallow depth of field on some photos, but I think it might be overdone on this one: it just looks blurry.

Still though, some really cool pictures on your site. I might borrow some desktop backgrounds for myself.
Laurie ( – 02.07.07 07:08:31
And herein lies the question "what is art". It is subjective. Anyone coming to it as a critic with a technical view will not appreciate it. Tom it is beautiful. I looked at it with an open mind. Not knowing what to expect. It is a moment in time that shows what you saw at that moment.
Dan Knapp ( – 03.31.07 15:29:47
I also like the shallow DoF. The soft background in this one is very pretty. The brown sprouts in the foreground are if anything a little too focused. I can't help feeling it would be improved with something else in their place though.
Susie ( – 05.01.11 16:56:05
THX that's a great aswner!
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