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Brush800 × 533

Someone told me this is "gross," but it's not like you have to touch it.

In category Abstract.

Anonymous ( – 02.01.05 19:26:34
I think it is a beautiful photograph. This person must be disgusted all the time, because even in Muslim countries, still the men and children don't cover their heads! It is kinda strange that the moment a hair or nail is no longer attached to the body, all of a sudden it becomes 'dirty', especially since it is dead material already and will not rot or alter in any other way...
Helena ( – 04.07.05 12:35:26
the nails I understand since all the dirt which was under them goes with them after they're cut but I see what you mean... People sometimes are so concentrated in their small protected world they fail to see the beauty in simple and natural things such as this photograph.
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