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Hay Bales

Hay Bales1280 × 855

Ohio really looks like this. Taken near the Dillon Dam, wherever that is.

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Anonymooooose ( – 05.28.04 12:42:23
It's in Ohio!
Anonymous ( – 04.27.05 14:17:00
i like hay bales because they make me happy as i have ever been in ire life and ij tyhink that more people shold have hay bales so they can be happy too. hay bales are mans greatest invention i just wish i could no the name of the great man who has given me such joy over the best years of my life so if anyone has any info on who this great man was then please post a letter i will be waiting diligently for any sign of this mystery man that has eluded me for so many years. if u have any info at all i would be happy to hear from u. u will be helping man kind and all the little homeless kids there and any other sympathy trip u can think of. U WILL BE HELPING THEM!!!!!!!!! thank u for your time and attention
Anonymous ( – 06.25.06 06:13:12
Hay Bales!