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Window, Hose

Window, Hose533 × 800

Taken inside the 'pile of stuff' room in the abandoned gas station somewhere in Ohio.

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Anonymous ( – 11.18.04 19:09:50
great image! ( – 12.31.05 06:55:06
just where is "somewhere" ohio,i feel a need to see this place form the outside and touch the tree on the window
Tom 7 ( – 01.01.06 11:39:52
Well, it would have been in Eastern Ohio, but that's pretty much all I can tell you. I don't remember where we went or how we got there. =)
Anonymous ( – 05.20.06 17:42:11
super belle ta photo, great!!!! (mez from paris)
marurot15 ( – 02.14.08 13:59:44
your such a great photograper, keep up the good work, i hope i could do the same things as you do,..
@frivicafi ( – 10.22.09 22:31:24
such a good picture.
Anonymous ( – 02.06.10 10:40:27
feels like remembering me about sometime in the past..
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