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Jelly800 × 533

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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jetfuel ( – 01.21.05 19:24:43
Your jelly is my desktop
Anonymous ( – 03.12.05 23:28:58
i love jelly fish be4 they get stingers
Dawn ( – 11.29.05 17:01:54
Another great place to see jellies is at the Oregon Aquarium in Newport, Oregon. They have several large groups.
florida beach ( – 09.30.06 11:47:25
sometimes the oceans can be fantasic i spend hours if i am in the surf or looking at photo.nice work.
Dan Knapp ( – 01.25.08 23:05:38
The neat thing about this shot is how you weren't tempted to make the jelly be "upright", instead capturing the fact that they actually wind up in all sorts of weird random orientations. And what do you know, this particular one works nicely with the photo aspect. :)
Roe ( – 05.01.08 10:25:50
great capture!
cheap oem software ( – 02.12.12 05:12:03
ZmVHId The author deserves for the monument:DD
oem software ( – 02.12.12 05:15:35
gtqCGP Cool:) I would say say it exploded my brain..!!