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Caterpillar face

Caterpillar face: 1024x683

What a weird space face!

In categories: Bugs Phototrek August '06.

Beef ( - 08.21.06 20:38:21
Wild. Really wild.
Never knew caterpillars had multiple eyes like that (had to look it up).
Hairy, too.
Tommy ( - 03.02.07 01:26:55
It's looks like a space monster...i will never see caterpillar the same way haha!
Anonymous ( - 06.02.08 08:41:08
were cool
Anonymous ( - 08.25.10 18:48:36
that is creepy
bugluver ( - 08.25.10 18:50:57
that looks like it was replaced by a
if i was a caterpillar i would hide my
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