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Houseplant1280 × 850

A houseplant at my family's house.

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Anonymous ( – 12.12.04 11:19:30
Anonymous ( – 12.12.04 11:20:21
this is boring
Anonymous ( – 01.07.05 14:21:14
Hey, I've got that house plant, but have no clue what it's called. Do you know?
Tom 7 ( – 01.07.05 15:58:47
I don't know. Let's call it the Magnisent Boringplant.
Anonymous ( – 01.29.05 15:53:18
I know what it is. It is a type of umbrella tree plant (scientific name "Schefflera actinophylla"). It originated from Australia. -Please don't quote me on spelling.
Tom 7 ( – 02.01.05 09:24:48
Cool, thanks!
Anonymous ( – 04.06.05 00:54:43
Thanks for the picture above, this picture helped to identify the name, and therefore found information about the toxicology of the plant.

For anyone who has small children, get rid of the plant! Very poisonous!

thanks again Tom
Anonymous ( – 09.14.05 19:35:29
The plant is an umbrella. indirect light mostly moist. Gets 6' tall
Anonymous ( – 05.15.06 23:36:47
i have one in my house!! Its awesome
Anonymous ( – 06.28.06 22:30:22
We have one 9 feet tall and approx. 4.5 feet wide. You say very toxic. Where can I find literature on the web supporting this notion?
Anonymous ( – 12.23.06 17:54:33
I just bought a baby one... wish it well, won't you?
Anonymous a ( – 11.10.07 01:21:17
I think that is a money tree,type it in and look ,I have one also but it is a baby.
Anonymous ( – 02.14.08 16:37:09
yes, it is a money tree, but don't get your hopes up. I haven't even seen a penny so far.
Anonymous ( – 02.20.08 19:59:57
interesting photo
Anonymous ( – 03.09.08 11:10:12
what is the name of this plant?
Anonymous ( – 11.05.08 11:50:30
the name of this plant is hawiian schefflera
Anonymous ( – 01.14.09 09:17:36
i've had one of them for years and never knew what it was, i'm going to look up you people's suggestions.
Anonymous ( – 07.09.09 23:36:35
I have a Schefflera actinophylla and don't know how to keep the leaves from falling off. Can anyone help me?
Anonymous ( – 07.18.09 11:59:50
A friend of my has sent this plant to my house to save it. The leaves and stems have started drooping, turning brown and dropping off. Any idea how to save it? We are in a desert low humitidy, extreme high temp climate. Have to run AC all the time. Thanks.
Anonymous ( – 03.17.10 11:56:31
hi great plant love it
Anonymous ( – 03.17.10 11:57:38
what type of plant is it please
Anonymous ( – 05.12.10 14:03:28
What do you mean "you people"???
Anonymous ( – 10.30.10 00:24:23
We've had one for 10+ years. Thought it died once when we didn't get it inside before frost. All of the leaves fell off. My one son kept watering it and new shoots came up and it was off growing again. Ours is only about 4 1/2 ft now (was taller) It seems to prefer being outside in a relatively shady spot in the summer (we're in SE PA) and doesn't care for being inside during the winter. Just brought it in with gorgeous healthy leaves -- won't look that good by the time I take it out in spring, but better than if I left it out. Ours seems to like the heat and humidity of PA summers. Perhaps the low humidity does it. It's dry indoors during the winter here.
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