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I like to take photos! This is a gallery of the pictures I've taken and liked enough to scan in. To get started, just click on one of the categories at the left.

If you click the category name, then you'll see only the pictures that live primarily in that category. If you click the word 'total' under each category name then you'll see any pictures that are related to that category, even if that's not their primary category. Aside each one is a count of how many pictures will be on the page.

If you're in a hurry, just browse the pictures in the favorites category, which is a collection of what I think are my best photos.

Now, for a little information: First of all, I'm obsessed with shallow depth-of-field and macro photography, so you'll see a lot of that. I mostly like abstract photos. I used to use a Canon Elan II body with a mediocre 35–70mm zoom lens and experiment with a variety of films. Now I have a Canon D60, which is a digital SLR, so I can take loads of pictures without paying or waiting for processing. I've mostly replaced my mediocre zoom with a pretty nice macro lens, since I like to shoot the miniature world, anyway.

Also, I think the insistence that black and white photography is more "artistic" is nonsense; though black and white is easier to develop and print in a home lab, it's very rare that I prefer it to color. There are some black and white photos here from photography classes that I've taken, though.

Finally, go ahead and use these photos in your commercial design work, as desktop wallpaper, or whatever. Just never sell them, or pretend that you took them! Contact me if you have special circumstances.

If you'd like to see everyday pictures from events and trips, I also have another collection of personal photos called picture pages picture pages.

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